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August Tarrier, Philadelphia’s premier editor and manuscript consultant, specializes in novels, memoirs, and scholarly articles. She is the founder and leader of writing workshops at First Person Arts, Graterford Prison, Riverside Prison, Broad Street Ministry, Musehouse, and at the Camden High School for the Creative Arts. She is the author of Mother of God, a novel, and Are You Decent?, a collection of short stories, for which she has won several national prizes, including the Zoetrope Prize.


August sings in the Motley Order Choir at Broad Street Ministry and led a free community workshop there called “Telling Stories: Poems, Prayers, and Praisesongs.” She received her Ph.D in contemporary literature and theory from Temple University and was formerly the Course Director of the Bard College Clemente Program, a national program that offers college credit in the humanities to low-income and nontraditional community learners throughout the US. For seven years she was the Editor of New City Community Press in Philadelphia. She currently teaches courses in creative writing and literature at Villanova University.

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