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One Helluva House Church on the Radio


“Could it be the kingdom has already come?” — Iris DeMent


Listen to podcasts at the Higher Love Podcast website.


At Higher Love, we’re on the lookout for that spark of divine and we believe that love trumps doctrine every time. We’re attuned to the prophets, the heretics, the doubters, and the mystics. We don’t profess any denomination, and we’re not pew-sitters. We honor what is being made new through the work of spirit and gospel, and we strive to see the holy everywhere, to be in love with what God, spirit, Yahweh is doing in the world. We’ve got a word for all of you out there who are just like us—the doubters, the outcasts, and the people on the margins. We’re looking for portals that lead us back to self-cherishing, back to our innate goodness—especially the goodness that has been denied us. We hope that you’ll join this ongoing conversation about spirit, and that you’ll be moved to testify. Communion, comebacks, and comeuppances—we’ll take it all. Give us the good news.

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